About Us

Brown Associates, Inc. was established in 1969 by Edward E. Brown, Jr., a second generation Penn Mutual agent and general agent who saw the need to provide his clients more than life insurance, estate planning and employee benefit services. Brown Associates, Inc. initially offered mutual funds to its clients with an emphasis on retirement plans for the self employed and corporations.  In the early 1970s, Brown Associates, Inc. began offering broader-based financial services with the emphasis on allowing its investors to participate in real estate offerings. 

In 1978, Allen C. Brown, CFA, CLU & CFP, started a discount brokerage division allowing investors to receive a 50-80% discount on standard commission rates for stocks, bonds and options transactions. In 1990, Allen became President of Brown Associates, Inc. and continued in that capacity until his passing in July of 2016, at which time Huxley Brown succeeded him as President. Huxley also serves as the head of the Discount Brokerage Division, a position he has held since 1986.  

Through its wealth management services, Brown Associates, Inc. offers estate planning and retirement distribution planning.  As an adjunct to it's wealth management services, Allen Brown established Garth and Brown Investment Management, LLC, which offers fee-based investment management services by designing portfolios based on client's risk profiles.  

Investment banking services are offered through Frost & Co.,LLC which is an independent branch of Brown Associates located in Nashville, Tennessee.